302 Millar Lane, Glenrock WY 82637 Phone: 307-436-8121

From the emigrant trails to the Pony Express and the telegraph, Glenrock area history is heavily intertwined with key milestones in American history.

Stay at the Deer Creek Village RV Park in Glenrock Wyoming and Visit The Deer Creek Museum archives include old voting records, early building permits, historic maps of the pioneer trails and personal accounts of past events by area residents.  

The exhibits include artifacts from the Buffalo Jump and Native American artifacts such as arrowheads, knives, scrapers, spears and axes. 

There are pictorials, shares and stock certificates from the Big Muddy Oil Field and the Lusk Royalty Coal Company.  An old fashioned dentist chair, spinning wheels, clothing, jewelry, rifles, swords, hand tools and the old post office chamber sort boxes are just some of the donated and on loan items to be seen!

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